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I'm an author and ...a techie!

I recently updated my website I have to say it was a pretty magical experience. The above picture is my homepage image. My prior website was written in the HTML coding language, which is to say I had to have other people make changes to the website. I played with a few out-of-the-box website design software packages and settled on one of them that had specific designs for authors. Now, if you go to, you’ll find new content and “buy now” links that will take you straight to Amazon for purchase. I feel like quite a techie for designing and uploading my own website, then going a step farther to optimize it for mobile!

I debated selling books directly from my website, but I wanted my readers to be secure in their payment transactions and I trust Amazon. Also Amazon formats my books so that they appear nice in e-reader apps or on Kindle. If I did the download, I think the reader might be stuck with a Word document to read; which is not the best way to read a mystery story.

My blog will appear on my own website (an improvement) as well as in its current location - Goodreads. Pictures that are posted on Facebook will appear on my own website. I’ll add excerpts of my works in progress over time. If you see a mistake that I’ve made or want some content added, please let me know at, a new email address. Happy spring!

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