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Book plans and Audio

Gee whiz, it’s evening in California and I’m late writing this blog. I’ve been stuck doing my taxes for the last few days. It’s a tedious exercise every year, but I had a couple of tax prep classes when I was much younger and darn if I’ll let the IRS’s complex rules scare me away, lol.

Mint Death is out in the wild. Like every other writer I have imposter syndrome. Usually, several times while I’m writing a book, I feel like perhaps this book is a dud. Then I’ll get feedback from my first reader or my editor and think perhaps this isn’t going to be so bad. To my surprise, Mint Death is doing really well and at the moment, it’s my highest rated book. Hip-Hip-Hooray! Of course, perhaps I’ve jinxed myself now. Sigh.

Later this month, my dog humor book arrives. “Eat, Play, Poop” has a new cover. I’ll share my royalties from that book in this newsletter twice a year and donate them to Best Friends Animal Rescue in Utah which is where the dog on the cover originated.

Once I clear that away, it’s on to my new Urban Fantasy series. It will be something like Jill Quint working as an ER physician meets a dragon or an orc, or something. There are two sub-genres I’m looking at for that series - one is Paranormal Women’s Fiction (PWF) and the other is Urban Fantasy (UF). The two categories are similar except for the age of the protagonist. Typically, the protagonist in UF is in her 20s, while PWF features women in their 40s and 50s. A UF story should feature dragons, witches, knights, immortals, and assassins. A PWF features fairy/fae, witches, covens, potions, charms, power, and change. They are both set in the near present time or in the future. Since I’m a pantser, I guess I’ll have to figure out the category once I write the story.

Finally, about audiobooks—I think I’ve mentioned in the past that audiobooks are my preferred format as it suits my imagination and multi-tasking personality. The Damian Green series will be released from September through February in Audio. There's a sample of Red Rock Island's opening audio on the first page of my website ( I can't attach it to this post due to its size. I’ve found a narrator for the Jill Quint series and production will start soon. I don’t have a timeline for that, but it will be before the end of the year.

I have an idea for the 6th book in the Damian Green series, but no ideas yet for the Jill Quint series 15th book. If you, dear reader, would like to suggest a location and who got “unalived”, I should be able to take it from there. Feel free to email me any suggestions.

Happy Easter and Passover,


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