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Endless possibilities . . .

Over the past year, I’ve expanded my reading habits to focus on paranormal mystery and urban fantasy. Most fiction books answer a question—will the guy get his girl, who’s the killer, will someone survive some magical creature’s evil action? I knew I wanted to write someone with paranormal powers as the start of a new series. I’ve liked mages, wizards, and witches, but vampires are a turn-off, and I’m not sure about fairies. Shape-shifters will not likely make an appearance in my new series. I’ve been reading to understand what boundaries are around each type of paranormal character set by authors who have gone before me.

I’ve written at least three different scenarios for my new series and being the pantser writer that I am, I started writing the first book in the series. Then I changed my character from a small magical town police chief to an officer of the CIA. Once I did that, the book morphed into a thriller rather than a cozy paranormal mystery. It’s the CIA because of her particular paranormal skill.

Most recently, I read the first book in the Jim Butcher series – “Storm Front.” I liked his idea of a Wizard available for hire in Chicago by humans and supernatural folks alike. The story has humorous tones and snarky text, which I liked. I also read Whitney Hill’s Elemental series book 1. She had an interesting premise for a book based in Triangle, NC. She had different kinds of paranormal beings than I’ve read about in the other books. I like her main character, and I plan to read more books in that series.

With each paranormal mystery or urban fantasy book I read, there are parts I like and things I don’t want in my new series. Along the way, I’m finding new stories and authors who I like. I’m aiming to have the first book of my new series available in late Spring. My tentative title is, “Now you don’t see me,” which is a reference to my protagonist's paranormal skill. The cover above is a placeholder for the future book cover. Now I just need to get busy and write!

Alas, for you fans of Jill Quint, her next book will follow the new series and will likely be set in the Washington DC area.



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