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Forensic Murder to be released November 2nd

I’m excited to be close to my publication date for my latest Jill Quint series story. Jill, Nathan, and Angela head down under the equator to Australia and New Zealand. Jill is a keynote speaker at a Forensic Science Conference in Wellington, New Zealand, but mysterious deaths and near-deaths start happening around her. It takes her a while to convince the New Zealand police that there’s a connection between these mysteries, and oh, by the way, Jill is that connection. She has a detective seeing things her way, just as she leaves New Zealand for Australia.

She has to start over with the Australian police in establishing how the disparate crimes are connected and why she has the expertise to stick her nose into the investigation. Nathan and Angela are pursuing wine business contacts throughout the two countries, but they have her back when she gets into trouble.

The book’s release date is November 2nd, which is either a good idea or a terrible one (lol). Four months ago, when I set the date, I had forgotten that the American Presidential election is scheduled for November 3rd. I thought about changing the release date, but I know many of my readers like the escape they get when they sink into a good mystery. FORENSIC MURDER is not only a good story that will transport you elsewhere, but it’s also set in two countries not contending with an election, so there’s not an ounce of politics in the story.

FORENSIC MURDER is on sale for $2.00 at the moment, and the price will increase to $4.99 on October 26th. I hope you all will love the story as much as I do.

Stay safe and healthy,


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