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The start of the Jill Quint Series

I wanted to offer something for my readers that sign up for my email list. I've had notes

posted for over a year about writing a prequel to the Jill Quint series. Did you ever wonder about Jill and Nathan's first meeting? Or Arthur and Trixie's first meeting? Probably not the second question as they were programmed to be mortal frenemies.

I've written a short story called, “Time's Up”. I recognize that was the term used to describe the Hollywood sexual harassment culture, but it's also a good title for this short story of murder. As the book is not available for purchase and widespread distribution, I'm not concerned that the title will confuse people.

Jill has just begun her life as a vintner. Her first vintage is still a year off, but she needs a logo for her winery called Quixotic Vineyard as well as for her upcoming vintage, so she schedules a meeting with Nathan Conroy at Conroy Designs to start her design work.

Meanwhile, Jill is in the final set-up stage for her home lab for bug and weed control in her vineyard. In the back of her mind she also thinks that she might have use for a mini-forensic lab sometime in her future. She gets a call from a nearby city medical examiner's office asking if she can do some temporary autopsy work as they have been slammed (no pun intended) by a multi-fatality bus accident. Jill agrees to work for them and her future career is born.

You can download this free ebook by going to Book Funnel. I hope you enjoy this story.

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