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Happy New Year

I hope this blog post finds you happy and relieved to leave 2021 in the rear-view mirror. I am fortunate in that no one in my immediate family or group of friends became seriously ill with covid. I’m laying low on New Year’s Eve this year as I did last year, as I do most years. It’s not my favorite holiday as I’m always a dog owner and there are usually illegal fireworks that make my dog(s) cringe.

This year I’m drinking a bottle of bubbly from my local winery to celebrate the publication of my 18th book, WHERE DID SHE GO?. It’s the second in the Michelle Watson series and is set in Venezuela. I hope you’ll like that story. It is being released on New Year’s Eve.

Meanwhile, I’m hard at work on three stories. LONG DELAYED JUSTICE will be the Damian Green book #5. The titles of the books in that series refer to the cold case that must be solved, so obviously, this will be an old cold case. ASHES TO MURDER is the Jill Quint, book 13. Jill and Nathan can’t even pull off a wedding without murder getting in the way. This book is set in Asheville, South Carolina. Finally, HOW DID SHE GET THERE? Will be the third Michelle Watson story set within the United States and also in China. My cover artist is working on all three covers at this moment and I'll reveal them once they're finished.

Judging by how the writing is going, the Jill Quint book will be the first book finished, followed by the Damian Green series story, and finally the Michelle Watson novel. I hope to release books in March, April, and May. Depending on how this experiment of writing multiple series at the same time goes, I may continue that process, or I may go back to writing a single book at a time.

I hope that Omicron fades into history in 2022 and no new problematic variants arise. We’ve lost a lot of good people across the world to this virus. Of course, we lose a lot of good people to many other diseases or simply accidents every year. Time for me to move beyond my maudlin thoughts. On a happier note, the ski slopes of California are filled with awesome snow, and I’ll soon be on two skinny pieces of wood covered in steel and carbon gliding downhill.

None of it would’ve been possible without your friendship and support.

So Happy New Year, good health and every good blessing to you.



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