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It's almost here!

I've been furiously writing the last few weeks so much so that I've put EVERGREEN VALLEY MURDER up for pre-order on Amazon. As always, I offer special pricing to those on my mailing list. Between now and June 24, if you pre-order, you'll receive the book for $2.00, after that date the price goes up to $4.99. The book will be available to read on July 1.

EVERGREEN VALLEY MURDER is the fourth book in the Damian Green series and here's a brief description of why you'll want to read the book.

A killer with a fetish for murdering people riding on parade floats.

In book four of the Damien Green series, Damien confronts criminals all around him and the women he cares about.

One of Ariana's startup companies has garnered the attention of the North Koreans. Why? What could a small startup have, that North Korea wants?

Hermione has a summer job at Damien's company, working on a smartphone application. Trouble seems to follow the teenager everywhere including into her new summer job.

Retired detective Natalie Severino thinks she has a simple solution to find the killer involved in a cold case. A float volunteer in costume is hit with a poisonous dart and dies during the parade. Her idea of how Damien can help solve her case bears far more evidence than she ever expected - a serial killer with a fetish for murdering float volunteers all over the globe.

I hope you'll enjoy this story!

Meanwhile, I have an outline for the next Jill Quint, MD book. It's going to be set in Australia and New Zealand. Jill gets invited to give a presentation to ANZFSS, which is the Australian and New Zealand Forensic Science Society meeting in Wellington, NZ. While she's there, she makes a second stop in Australia to visit cousins and snorkel the Great Barrier Reef. Nathan, is of course, at her side as they take time to explore the vineyards. And guess what? Trouble follows Jill down under! Maybe if I can keep my writing pace going, I'll release that book by November.

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and reading lots of books,



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