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Las Vegas Author Convention

My life is just flashing by. There are so many things happening this month. I head to Las Vegas on Monday for a writer’s convention. Monday starts with vendor day where companies that support authors including Amazon and Apple will be there to chat with us. Then in the late afternoon I’m leading a cake walk. What is that? My convention hotel is the Horseshoe and a mile away down the strip in the Venetian is Carlo’s Bakery. Carlos Bakery is the Cake Boss on television. I love watching his show as I can smell the sugar icing through the TV set, lol.

My conference has its fair share of introverts and international writers. Many of them have heard stories about how scary Vegas can be, which I have never found it to be. So I posted that I was walking down to the Venetian and if anyone wanted an escort for safety then I was their person. I can produce a death stare that quiets 2 year-olds and makes street hustlers turn away. I think I might have thirty authors joining me for the walk. Whoops, I thought I might end up with three or four.

Later in the evening I will be teaching and matchmaking authors into groups so they can learn from one another. One of the authors that signed up has sixty books published and another has sixty-five. Who knew they were looking to connect to other authors?

Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday will strictly be about learning. Author E.L. James (50 Shades of Gray) is one of the many headlining speakers. On Friday I have a Glenda the Good Witch costume complete with wand, tiara, and white gloves for the Author signing event. If you’re in Vegas next week, stop by the Horseshoe for the author signing event on Friday from 10-4. There will be over 300 authors in all genres selling and signing books. Over fifty authors are doing readings, and I’ll be herding them to the podium and zapping them with my obnoxious wand if they exceed their five minutes. It should be lots of fun.

On a completely different note, I thought I would report on the revenues of Eat, Play, Poop, my dog memoir. It’s generated $33.96 in royalties so far this year, so I’ll send a check to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah which is where the dog featured in that story was adopted from by my friends.

On a final note, Willow Glen Heist should be released at any moment in audio format and it’s wonderfully narrated by Scott Ellis. I love my books being brought to life in audio.

I hope everyone had a safe and sane Halloween. The kids in my neighborhood had parties in my city’s downtown area, at school, and in the neighborhood. Some probably have enough candy to last until Christmas. On to Thanksgiving and Christmas and oh my gosh it will soon be 2024! I'll end with my dog, Daniel sun-bathing.



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Nov 02, 2023

I love Daniel but I sure would like to see a pic of the witch costume!!! Will the new release also be in a book format or jus the video//

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