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New Book Release Coming!

Witch’s Medicine is with my editor at the moment and it will be available to you on February 16 or you can preorder it now! Whew. I’m a morning person and I spent many a morning starting my writing at 4am and even 3am a few days. I’m groggy after 8pm many days, so my writing doesn’t make any sense to me the next day.

I had a lot of fun with this story. As an urban fantasy, it’s set in the present, but there’s magic involved. There’s mystery also as you’ll find reading the story. Here’s an excerpt: 


“Do you have food establishments in your realm?”

“Yes. Though not as many or with such variety as you have here. We have wild game we can kill to feed us on missions,” Gormon replied.

“There are many parts of the fae realm that seem intriguing, but food is not one of them. Unless Michael opens a food establishment, I won’t be asking to be portaled to your world to eat,” Stephanie said.

“Maybe instead of opening a restaurant, I should just open a delivery service where I fetch food from earth’s restaurants,” Michael said.

Gormon frowned at this idea while Stephanie clapped at the great idea.

“We have many delivery services here that use cars or bicycles, and your portal service would be faster at getting the food delivered. The only problem is that you can’t call in the order and have it waiting for you when you arrive. You would also have to match your service hours to earth’s hours, though with your portal ability you could find great food at any time somewhere on earth.”

“I’ll look into this idea once we have rounded up our prisoners. Maybe Nienna, Gormon, and Cellica could be my test cases, then I’ll go from there.”

“How will you pay for food on earth?” Gormon asked.

My favorite urban fantasy series is Death Before Dragons by Lindsay Buroker. Or if you like a medical setting, Jamie Davis has a series called “Extreme Medical Services”, wherein paramedics serve magical people and their problems.

One of many minor crises that happened this past month was my dog got skunked for the second time in six months. I was sitting in my kitchen and he tore through his dog door, then all of a sudden I saw something black and white jump in the air. He quickly came back in whimpering and salivating, He rubbed his face over every surface he could find—sofas, rugs, towels, etc. Pepe Le Pew was still in my yard an hour later so I snapped his mugshot. Then I called a wildlife animal rescue to take him away. Skunks don’t climb up fences, they burrow out of backyards. She recommended that I take the dog to the vet to update his rabies as it was possible that he and the skunk exchanged fluids. So he got another rabies shot. The vet doused him in Febreze which was the best antidote to the skunk smell. Forget tomato juice or vinegar and baking soda, instead go to your local home improvement and buy a gallon size jug of Febreze. Fortunately, while we were at the vet, Pepe made his escape. The animal rescue person suggested I put the dog on a leash and see if he could scent the skunk, but thankfully he was gone. There are strict rules for wildlife here - I’m allowed to only relocate Pepe within five miles of my house and I must have the owner’s permission for whatever land I left him on. Thankfully, he checked out of my backyard and he hasn’t been back. Phew!

Cheers and stay safe with all of this weird weather,


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