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The writing sprint is on. . .

The rain in California has stopped, but I think I am like most Californians wishing for more rain to ease the drought. Of course, some people suffered flood damage or lost their homes in landslides. Despite that, we still need more rain.

I am in a writing sprint as I have two books coming out by mid-April. First, there will be MINT DEATH, book 14 in the Jill Quint series which arrives on March 31. Then on April 5, EAT, PLAY, POOP will arrive. It will be a fundraiser for Best Friends Animal Rescue and features ‘Joey’, a friend’s dog that I frequently dogsit. I’ve recorded Joey’s thoughts in letters to his parents from Camp (my house) in the voice of a pre-teen boy. Due to Amazon’s requirements, I’ll share the royalties twice a year in this newsletter as I can’t directly target the royalties to this charity without their financial information. Sigh.

Once I’ve cleared those two books, I’ll move on to a new Urban Fantasy story. If you don’t know what that genre is, think Harry Potter. The setting is present-day with some kind of magic thrown in. My first book will be called Witch’s Medicine. It will feature a character close to Jill Quint, but this time she’s an Emergency Physician. She starts seeing weird cases come into the ER in her Sacramento hospital. She discovers a grimoire (a book of spells and potions) packed among her medical school texts that wasn’t there when she left the University twenty years before. That grimoire’s recipes help her save patients. So the story will be something like Grey’s Anatomy meets X-Files. There will be mystery involved—where are the monsters coming from and what illness have they caused? Here is the cover for that book and I don’t have a publication date yet.

Finally, if you like kick-ass women in stories, I’m part of a large bundle of similar-minded books. This link will take you to a list of books with strong female protagonists in mystery, romantic suspense, Urban Fantasy, and thriller books.


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