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What I'm reading . . .

Hello readers,

I thought I’d start this newsletter with a discussion of what I’m reading. First, a brief description of two bestsellers that I did not finish. Keep in mind that I don’t like to read stories that contain abuse or torture or are just sad. Sure, I guess I would learn something from reading a sad book, but life is too short to read books that don’t capture my imagination.

I tried Brandon Sanderson’s Misborn, book 1. The story was building too slowly for me, so I cheated and read a summary of what the series is about. One of my favorite characters was going to die and so after an hour of the audiobook, I returned the book to the library. Likewise, the huge hit of Sarah J. Maas’s “A Court of Thorns and Roses.” Again, it didn’t move fast enough.

Two series that I like—Steve Higgs, Blue Moon Detective Agency, a cozy mystery set in a small English village captured my attention to read all 6 or so books. Also, Lindsay Buroker's Legacy of Magic series is an Urban Fantasy set in Seattle, and I read all 5 of that series.

I’m presently working on formatting EAT, PLAY, POOP: Letters to my Parents from Camp. I’ve never published a book with pictures in it, so that will be a challenge. Here is one of the 50+ letters:

Dear Mom and Dad,

By now you’re done with that skydiving thing. I don’t think I would try skydiving even if you threw a squirrel out in front of me. I can catch them on the ground, so there’s no reason to chase one out of an airplane. Camp’s been good today—minutes after I arrived a squirrel jumped back and forth between two birch trees. I love when the entertainment starts as soon as I arrive.

Love, Joey

Each letter has a picture with it.

Once I get that story launched by the end of this month or sooner, I’ll be writing Witch’s Medicine, the first in my new Urban Fantasy series. I hope to have it out by late summer. A second in that series will be followed by books in the Jill Quint and Damian Green series. I wish I could write faster, but I think my limit is four books a year.

Here's a picture of my dog, Daniel being a book-end to my books. He doesn't appear impressed with his duty, lol. If he were still a puppy, he would have eaten the corner of the books by the time I snapped the picture. I hope you’re all having a great Spring or Fall (depending on your position to the equator).


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