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Who are your favorite authors?

You met my dog last week. I thought I would amuse you with a story about him. I like to use for software called Dragon Dictation. It’s been around at least 10 years and I can speak faster than I can type. I took a typing class in high school, but I’ve never had the confidence to look away from the keyboard while I type so it’s faster to dictate. I have a high-end microphone so that it catches my speech well. Unfortunately, it was also catching the dog snoring. At 92 pounds he makes quite a racket snoring. Dragon would hear the sounds coming from Daniel and then send me a message to repeat what I just said. I would talk to the microphone and it was like it was trying really hard to understand the dog sounds. So it greatly slowed down. This week on advice from a fellow writer, I’ve been using Google docs and their dictation feature.

This is working much better. In fact, the dictation feature has been working so well for me that I finished the third Michelle Watson series book, HOW DID SHE GET THERE? I’ve started on Jill Quint series book number 14. If I keep this pace up, it will be ready to read in February 2023. This story will take place post-Jill's wedding and Washington DC will be the featured city. I don’t have a name for it yet, so I’m calling it JQ number 14, lol.

In strange news, I just discovered that my Michele Watson #2 and my Jill Quint #13 & 14 both have female characters by the first name of Madison. Whoops. Madison Hank is a CIA hacker and Madison Lewis will become Jill’s student. I guess I've had Madison on the brain these last six months for some reason. That’s weird as I don’t know any Madisons in real life.

I’d love to hear from my readers, which authors do you like to read? I’ve talked about some of my favorite authors in the past. Besides me, of course, lol, who do you automatically purchase a preorder for? I like JD Robb’s In Death series and she’s up to like 55 books in that series, but I always pre-order each new one. Louise Penny’s Inspector Gamache series is a favorite, and oddly enough He Who Fight Monsters, a Literature -Role Playing Game story. I’ve already pre-ordered the 8th book. Drop me an email who post on the blog site. I'll share reader responses in my next blog.

Cheers and if you live in the U.S. Happy Thanksgiving next week,


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