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Will Michelle Watson save the world?

Now You Don’t See Me Sample

I’ve finished my 17th book and the first in my new series – Now You Don’t See Me, a Michelle Watson Paranormal Thriller. If you go to the New Releases section of my website, you can click on "sample of 1st two chapters box" and read it to see if you want to eventually read the entire book. It’s been a complicated story to research.

Like most people, tracking software on my computer throws ads at me every time I search for something. In this story, I needed foldable kayaks and information about the French Polynesian islands. Now, I’m fed ads for foldable kayaks and French Polynesian vacations all over the internet. It’s kind of creepy, but it’s also the internet age.

I was writing on an airplane as I flew across the US last month, using the onboard Wi-fi. I was at a part of the story where I needed to understand how nuclear bombs are made. Either no one was monitoring my search history onboard the plane at that moment, or if they were watching, they realized I was an author doing research.

I hope you’ll enjoy meeting CIA Case Officer Michelle Watson as she works to save the world.

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