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I should be able to win at Trivia!

I wrote a post last year on research that I do for my books. Perhaps because I began a new series, it seems like there are many more questions to be answered. One of Stephen King’s basic seven requirements of writing is to tell the truth and so I’m using Google several times a day to find the answers as the story unfolds. I have a mind full f obscure facts.

Over a two day period last week, I kept a log of the questions I looked up on Google as it pertains to my current work in progress, Red Rock Island. See if you know the answers:

What are the top African-American first names?

How do you built a smoke-bomb?

What is the favorite gun of retired cops?

Who are the Aryan Brotherhood?

What is the San Jose Police department organization?

What happens with currents in San Francisco bay?

What was mined on Red Rock Island?

What are the ferry paths in the bay?

What are the traits of Portuguese water dogs?

Is it illegal to read prison inmates letters or emails?

Who are the enemies of the Aryan Brotherhood?

Which prison houses the leaders of the Aryan Brotherhood?

Can hair fibers be used as evidence?

Once a car goes to a junkyard, does the junkyard notify the state of the presence of that car in their salvage yard?

If you don’t have a victim, can you use DNA from siblings to compare to DNA at the scene?

What the smallest horsepower motor engine?

Can you buy beer on Amazon?

You may wonder what some of these questions have to do with a murder mystery, while others are obvious. For example, I needed a dog for the story that played in the water and decided upon the Portuguese water dog, but then I had to tell the truth and make sure the breed loved to swim; and they do!

The answers to these and other odd questions are found in Red Rock Island which should be available for pre-order in June or July.

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