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A new book and a website crash

Last Friday, I released my nineteenth book ASHES TO MURDER, the 13th book in the Jill Quint, MD, Forensic Pathologist series. My first reader who has given me feedback on all 19 books said it was my best story yet. Wow. It is also the shortest story so far. There’s a new character that popped into the story out of nowhere and now she’ll be a future feature of the series. If you had the chance to read it and liked the story, please leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads.

About thirty-six hours prior to launching my latest book, my website and author email went dark. I burned through an entire day trying to fix the problem. It was a weird technical problem due to the death of a friend in February 2021. I have to say I’m impressed with how I’ve been able to navigate websites, domains, and email addresses. My last computer class as part of my master’s degree used keypunch cards, so I’m self-taught thanks to on-the-job crises. I had 191 website passwords saved under the defunct email address, so it’s been painful visiting all of those sites to update my email address. In some cases, they accept a new email address, with other websites I have to contact customer support if they want to send a verification email to the offline email account. Did I say this change was painful, lol?

My website is now and my email is As I was updating my website, I discovered my welcome email to subscribers hadn’t been going out since August of 2021. Sigh. If you weren’t welcomed, my apologies, and here’s the link to my prequel to the Jill Quint series. It’s the story of how Jill met Nathan, and how she got started offering second opinions on the cause of death.

Once I clear the mess of a new website and email, I’ll finish writing Long Delayed Justice, the fifth book in the Damian Green series. After that, I’ll work on How Did She Get There, the third book in the Michelle Watson Series. Later in the year, I’ll start on the un-named book 14 in the Jill Quint series. It will be set in Portugal.

I hope you had a great Easter, Ramadan, or Passover, or however you celebrate this time of year,



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1 Comment

Ellen Falk
Ellen Falk
Apr 21, 2022

I first discovered Alec Peche a couple years ago, and I absolutely love her books. I’ve read all of the books in all of her series. I’d be hard pressed to choose a favorite. I love them all!

Alec has a flair for writing a story that captures the reader and doesn’t quit! I’m so excited to learn that she plans to add to all three of her series.

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