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Books, Books, and more books . . .

I hope everyone is having a great summer (or winter if you’re Downunder). Fingers crossed but my city hasn’t had too many days of high heat so far. Other parts of Europe and America have had outrageous heat waves. Makes me glad I live in the age of air-conditioning and well, cold-medication. With so many things to be pleased with in our modern world, cold-medication probably would make my list of top ten—just imagine the poor caveman with no cold medication and no tissue, lol.

My latest book, LOND DELAYED JUSTICE arrives Wednesday. This story is shorter than my normal stories, but my advanced readers haven’t had a problem with it. I was planning for this to be the last Damian Green series story, but my first reader thought I needed another one that ages Hermione about four years forward to when she is in college. We’ll see. I hope you love this story!

I’m working on the third book (HOW DID SHE GET THERE?) in the Michelle Watson series now and it will be out later this year. It starts with Michelle and Jason viewing the Northern Lights in Iceland. As I mentioned in my last post, I’ll get a chance to view the lights at the end of September in Fairbanks. The cover sort of looks like the Northern Lights, but that is not the center of the story.

I’m also working on a dog book -EAT, PLAY, POOP. I’ve mentioned in the past I have a large friendly dog. My own personal community service is to volunteer to watch other dogs while their owners are on vacation. I’ve had dogs of all sizes, but none bigger than my 92-pound guy. I frequently watch a good friend’s dog. His name is William Joseph, “Joey” for short. I usually send pictures to whatever dog owner I’m dog-sitting for, but with Joey for some reason, I was inspired to write letters—“Dear Mom and Dad, this is what I did at camp today, Love Joey.” In my letters, Joey has the voice of a nine-year-old boy. So he talks about naps, food, pee-mail, walks, squirrels, etc. It’s whatever inspires me that day. The book is on pre-order with a release date of April 2023. I have 21 letters written and wanted to get up to 50 letters with an accompanying picture that exemplifies the dog’s thoughts. I plan to split the royalties between the Humane Society and Best Friends animal rescue. I’ll post the royalties on my blog once or twice a year as Amazon doesn’t allow me to directly pay the royalties to a charity. Here's one of Joey's letters:

Dear Mom and Dad,

Camp continues to be a blast. This is my favorite position. I can hear the squirrels in the redwood trees, protect the camp owner's peach tree from those nasty vermin and yet hear the sound of the treat bag being opened inside the kitchen. The meals here are plentiful and delicious. Hope you’re having a good time hiking that boring mountain. See you soon.

Love Joey

Finally, I’m entering a contest in October for a new Urban Fantasy series and I have to have an exciting 250 character summary. I’ve mentioned in past blog posts that it’s a genre I want to write, so I’ve scheduled my first book in that series to come out in February of 2023. A friend and I are brainstorming concepts mixing mythology, somewhat current events, and magic. I've included a picture above as a clue.

Lots of writing to do my friends,


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