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Covers and Deadlines

As you know from my bio, I live in Northern California and yesterday was the first day I saw sunshine in a while. I feel fortunate not to have incurred any damage, although I did have a pump moving water away from certain places in my backyard. I hope that all of you have likewise been doing okay.

I received a message about two weeks ago that my cover for A BRECK DEATH violated Amazon’s standards as it included violence, dismemberment, and a corpse. I appealed that decision and was rejected again and I gave in. Here are the new and old covers of that story.

I set my Jill Quint book 14, MINT DEATH on pre-order. It will be released on March 31. It’s set in Washington DC and involves the death of the person that cuts sheets of paper into individual dollar bills at the Bureau of Printing and Engraving. Here’s the link if you would like to pre-order.

If you or any of your fellow readers would like to read RED ROCK ISLAND, it’s free until Sunday January 22, 2023. I've hired a narrator to do the 5 book Damian Green series. I don’t have a date yet for the audiobooks, but all five books will be released relatively close together. I was so excited to hear my book read by a professional narrator during the audition.

I’m a newbie at TikTok and you can find me at AuthorAlecPeche. I took a TikTok class a year ago and did nothing with the platform, but now I’m enjoying it. Here are two of my favorites.

Finally, here’s another author I recommend. Her name is Victoria Kazarian. She has a new cozy series. It’s called DROP DEAD BREAD. It’s set somewhere in the Santa Cruz mountains. She owned a bakery called the Laughing Loaf in an earlier career so you can smell the baked goods and coffee in her story.



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