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Embers of Murder to be released 2/1/21

In my previous blog post, I provided an update on my latest story, EMBERS OF MURDER. I’m happy and relieved that the story is finished and going through its final edits. I had a deadline of midnight on New Year’s Eve to finish the story. I’m happy to say that I made the deadline with forty minutes to spare!

I’m excited to share the latest Jill Quint story. I started with the premise of Jill being called into an arson case. I had a sticky note pinned to my bulletin board suggesting that I write such a story, and that’s all that I started with. I researched arsonists only to find from a clinical psychologist that given the age of some of the analysis, it was likely inaccurate. I also received an email from a fire investigator which was very helpful in building my story.

My first readers have loved the story and I hope you will too. It’s currently on sale as a pre-order for $2. That price increases on January 25, 2021 to its full price.

So what’s next? As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m outlining a new series that I would label “cozy paranormal mystery.” I’ve been reading many books lately in the cozy paranormal subgenre, but I’ve also been reading fantasy trying to decide which way to construct my new series. While I like fantasy, some authors do a better job than others helping you understand the world they’ve created. I just have a feeling I would be lousy at that, so I’ll stick with cozy paranormal mystery.

I’ll also write another Jill Quint series novel (#13), this time set in Washington DC or New York City. I don’t have a crime in mind yet, or title, or even story premise, but it will come to me over time.

I hope everyone is staying safe,



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