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First Page From My New Series

It's taking me a while to create my new series. I'll have a few things off my plate in about three weeks and will be able to write faster. I thought I'd give you a taste of my new paranormal thriller series featuring my heroine, Michelle Watson. She's a kick-ass mother of two adult children, an ex-cop, now using her special skill of teleportation to aid the CIA.

Here's the first page (unedited, so forgive me grammar errors):

Michelle Watson, CIA Case Officer, reviewed her final checklist before embarking on her mission. Food, weapons, heat sources, keys, smartphone, maps, lock picks. Check. She nodded to her superior, Officer Meeks. Sheila Meeks nodded back. Michelle took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and briefly imagined Captain Travis Cox’s prison cell inside the Siberian prison. Milliseconds later, Meeks looked at the air, as Michelle had disappeared into the vapor.

They timed her arrival to the middle of the night in the far east Siberian time zone. She suddenly appeared inside the cell that contained the American captain who was kept in solitary confinement. He appeared to be asleep in his bed. Michelle hoped he was asleep rather than in too poor a shape to escape. She had briefly visited a week prior to learn the layout and brief the captain on an escape plan. Prison conditions were tough, and she hoped he hadn’t assumed that she was a mirage when she appeared.

She nudged him awake. His initial response was one of defense against attack. Then he realized who was there.

“Wake up and dress warmly. We’re going to get out of here,” she whispered. She also handed him a high-calorie nutrition gel to give him energy. “Here’s a battery-operated vest to put on. It will help keep your core warm. Grab any coats you see along the way.”

He dressed and swallowed the nutrition quickly, then nodded.


“Okay, I have lock picks and C3 to get us out of here. I’m going to try to pick the lock outside first. The moment the door is open, move to your right and follow me,” she said, handing him a gun with a silencer attached to the end of the nozzle.

Then, as the last time, she disappeared before his eyes. He’d never seen anything like that before, if she hadn’t visited once before and left him a bunch of nutritious gels to build up his energy, he would be doubting his sanity. She was no mirage.

Michelle appeared in the corridor just as a guard entered the cell block. When she saw him, she moved instantly behind the guard and watched him as he surveyed the corridor staring at where she first appeared. She followed behind him as he walked checking the cell doors to be sure they were locked. In this section, prisoners were not behind bars. They were behind solid metal doors. When he reached the cell where Captain Cox was located, she pulled a small canister out of another pocket and dropped him like a fly by blowing an anesthetic gas at his face. She removed the keys from his belt and soon had Captain Cox’s door open. She removed a gun from the guard’s holster and quickly took the guard’s jacket off giving it to the captain.

It was fortuitous that she had the guard’s keys as it would take less time to open the three doors standing between them and the Siberian wilderness. The CIA had hacked into the prison’s security cameras and played them feed from a different time rather than the actual feed so Michelle and Cox wouldn’t be caught on camera. She disarmed one other guard on their way out and soon they exited the prison and walked in the cold deserted street of the town.

After she rescues the captain, the CIA has a new and dangerous assignment for her which is what the story is about. I hope you'll like this new series that I hope to put on sale in June.


Alec Peche

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