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I can't resist . . .

As an author, I look for things to inspire my imagination. Something that I always think is going to work is a pretty blank notebook with an inspirational message. I was transferring at the Minneapolis airport with too much time between flights and I came up with these two gems. I can’t wait to write a new story in the beautiful blank pages . . . but here’s the problem with that theory— I like to write in Word and I know in my heart that I hate double work. So anything I write by hand has to be retyped or dictated into word processing software. Sigh.

So I'm a little behind in my schedule of releasing short stories. The first short story is titled, “The Awakening at Lake Tahoe.” It sets up my new series so there is worldbuilding even though it’s set in the present time. I wrote the first chapter or two for the first novel in that series (Witch’s Medicine). Then I decided those two chapters belonged in the short story. Then I was trying to lay out my monsters for the urban fantasy series, and I checked in with a monster expert only to find out I was mixing up characters from mythology and Dungeons and Dragons. Whoops.

So a lot of fits and starts with this LONG short story, lol. So, I'll get her done. I mentioned in my last newsletter about my Jill Quint short. For the Damian Green series, my short story will feature Hermione off at college with a problem that endangers her and that only Damian can solve. So I have a plan, my imagination is in gear, I have some cool books to handwrite in, I just need to apply myself.

I think I’m done with my whack-a-mole job of repairing my sprinkler system and that definitely slowed my writing down and caused a lot of banging my head against the wall. Besides writing, I can repair sprinkler heads, replace station valves, and change the solenoid. I’ll have to figure out a way to incorporate that into an upcoming story.

I hope you’re having a great summer so far!


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