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It's going to be a busy spring. . .

A month from today, the Jill Quint series, ASHES TO MURDER story will be released. You can preorder it here.

Jill and Nathan arrange their wedding in less than a week. It may be my shortest Jill Quint series novel yet but I think you’ll enjoy this story. I found the perfect location, and dress for the wedding. They have a nice weekend party to celebrate with friends attending Jill and Nathan’s nuptials. Of course, there’s a murder mystery along the way.

After I finish ASHES TO MURDER, I’ll continue my work on LONG DELAYED JUSTICE, the fifth in the Damien Green series story, and then HOW DID SHE GET THERE?, the third Michelle Watson story.

Also, the first three books in the Jill Quint series – VIALS, CHOCOLATE DIAMONDS, and A BRECK DEATH will be released in audio format. I can’t wait to hear Jill’s voice brought to life. I love audiobooks and always have a few on my phone to listen to, while I’m driving, pulling weeds, or working out.

On the reading side, I’ve been reading a variety of novels. I recently finished Elaine Viets Dead-End Jobs book 1 to 3, a lit RPG book called, He Who Fights With Monsters, and the thriller by Vince Flynn – Enemy At The Gates.

If you’re wondering what a Lit RPG book is, that’s shorthand for literature role-playing games. So, it’s a story about adventuring, but you constantly level up as you defeat enemies as though you were playing a videogame. My videogame knowledge stopped with Pac-Man, still, I find this is genre interesting. Each book that I’ve listened to in this genre has been at least twenty-five hours of audio. Your average Louise Penny Inspector Gamache book is about thirteen hours. I won’t be writing any Lit RPG books as I think you have to be a gamer to construct those stories, but I do enjoy them.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day


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