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It's here!!

I finished Opus Murder a little early, and so it's being released Wednesday, January 22, 2020, rather than the original date of Tuesday, January 28. My first readers have loved the story, and I hope you will too.

Opus Murder is book 10 in the Jill Quint Series and features a troubled classical pianist killed during a recital. The story takes place entirely in eastern Canada, and it's a mixture of actual experiences and fiction. My mother was raised in Toronto, and as a child, I spent many a summer vacation there.

This month I'm also releasing four digital box sets: books 1-3, 4-6, 7-9 of the Jill Quint series, and books 1-3 of the Damian Green Series.

I now began work of the fourth book in the Damian Green Series. Initially, when I wrote that series, I had planned to do just three books, but I've had several readers request another book, and so I have a cold case in mind for Damian to solve. Like all of my stories, I see something in my everyday life that triggers the thought, 'I need to write a mystery book around that idea'. I volunteer for my town's 4th of July parade each year. As I was standing on the parade route this past July directing floats, an idea came to me for this book. Hopefully, this as yet unnamed book will be released in late spring this year.

I also hope to complete a prequel to the Jill Quint series novella, that will be free. It will be exclusive to the readers that have signed up for my occasional emails.

Cheers, Alec Peche

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