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Jill, Nathan, and the gang are back!

Book 13, Ashes to Murder is available for pre-order on Amazon. Its release date is April 15. Wouldn’t you rather be reading a great mystery than filing your taxes that day? The story starts in Asheville, North Carolina with Nathan proposing marriage and the two of them hastily planning a wedding to occur within five days. It’s a murder mystery, so someone has to die, right?

It’s your wedding night and you’re Dr. Jill Quint, so do you spend the evening into the night with your groom, or observe an autopsy on the dead person? The detective assigned to the murder investigation is surprised by Jill’s choice, but Nathan is not. He knew what he was getting into when he proposed.

Here’s the book cover, it represents a church ruin destroyed during the Civil War and it’s the location of the wedding. The gang is all there to witness the ceremony and of course, you’ll meet Jill’s mother and Nathan’s family. Angela has been busy with her camera, Jo’s looks into someone’s finances, Marie is doing a background check on suspects and the victim, and Henrik’s facial recognition software is assisting Jill’s team before he heads home to Germany.

Pre-order ASHES TO MURDER and enjoy another Jill Quint series story.

I hope you’re staying well and 2022 bring you joy.



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