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Oh, the misery . . .

As you know, I released my dog humor book – EAT, PLAY, POOP this past week. I call it a “one and done” picture book. I have software that formats my books into the version you view in ebook and print formats. Each book takes less than thirty minutes to produce. I spent a solid two weeks trying to format this picture book. I’m not happy with the final product, so I blamed the dog in the book – like he ate my software, lol. Still, despite the less-than-perfect formatting, the humor of the story shines through I hope.

Now I’m back to what I do best – writing novels. I plan to release a few short stories while I work on longer novels just to provide you with some new material.

The Jill Quint series has started production in audio format. Hopefully, those formats will start rolling out by the end of the summer. The narrator asked me about a specific scene in VIALS. I started writing that book in 2012 and published it in 2013. I had to open a copy of that story to answer her question. I now have 23 books published and I remember parts of some books better than other stories.

I had “write a series bible” on my to-do list as I carry the details around in my head for all my books. That’s not a great scenario as I’ll get details wrong about my repeating characters’ pasts. I just lack the heart to go back and create those details with so many books to review. So I'm going to try a software program that someone suggested, and perhaps that will do most of the work for me.

I hope you’re experiencing some warm days as Spring turns into Summer here, while the opposite is occurring for those below the equator.

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