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Spring and discounted books

Like you, I’m a dedicated reader. In my last post, I mentioned that in addition to reading mystery and thrillers, I also like some fantasy and Literature RPG novels. I also like books that are free or discounted to try new authors. Two of my eBooks are discounted until Monday, May 23. THE GIRL FROM DIANA PARK is free through Monday and my fifth Jill Quint novel – A TAXING Death is 99 cents/pence.

I subscribe to BargainBooksy and FreeBooksy. The two platforms are managed by the same company, and I get daily emails from both with eBook bargains. I’ve subscribed for five years, and I’ll admit my to-be-read pile has grown on my Kindle. There are too many great-sounding books on sale hitting my inbox each day.

My other discount subscription is more manageable as it only arrives once a week on Friday. Hello Books sends an email by book genre once a week. Follow this link if you wish to subscribe: With Hello Books I subscribe to mystery, crime, fantasy, and thriller book bargains.

With regards to my own work, I’ve been slow in my writing thanks to Spring. Here’s a picture of part of my backyard. It’s beautiful and I love listening to audiobooks while I work on it, but I do all the work myself and my large green waste container has been full of weeds and plant trimmings each week for more than a month. I’ve also personally hauled in five truckloads of crushed gravel for a project and refreshed my wood chips with another four truckloads. Thank goodness for a strong back and a well-balanced wheelbarrow. After I took the picture, I can see that more work is required. I need to get out my leaf blower, but we have had high winds for the last few days and mother-nature hasn’t done a great job of putting the yard debris into a neat pile for me, lol.

Hope you have a great weekend and stay healthy,



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