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The next story...

As I wrap up the spit and polish on EVERGREEN VALLEY MURDER, I've started writing notes on the next book in the works. Up until a month, for the first time in seven years, I had no book waiting to be written.

I was out walking the dog, and inspiration came to me. Unlike most books, I haven't thought of a title for it yet. It will be book eleven in the Jill Quint, MD Forensic Pathologist series, and set in Australia and New Zealand.

At the conference of Australian and New Zealand Association of Forensic Scientists in Wellington, Jill is a guest speaker. Nathan will be meeting with wineries, and Angela will also be in attendance for photography.

As long as they're traveling down under, they decide to take a vacation below the equator. Of course, trouble follows Jill to Middle Earth. A forensic scientist from the conference is up to no good and creates a trail of clues that Jill and friends will have to follow to solve the case.

Evergreen Valley Murder is available for pre-order for $2 until June 24 when it goes to its full price. It will be released July 1.

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