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What if a Crime Scene Tech planned homicides?

I'm about a quarter the way done with my next release FORENSIC MURDER, which you can pre-order now and it will be released on November 2, 2020. Also, if you order before October 26, you'll get the special pre-order price of $2.

So what's the story about?

Jill, Nathan, and Angela head to New Zealand and Australia for a part business, part vacation trip. Jill is a speaker at the Australia and New Zealand Society of Forensic Scientists while Nathan and Angela are meeting with potential new clients for his wine label firm. New Zealand is a beautiful country with friendly people. That is until Jill notices deadly 'accidents' occurring around her in each city. By the time of the third such incident, her forensic brain is on high alert.

When a man dies at the end of the symposium where she's the keynote speaker, she no longer thinks it's a coincidence and works to convince law enforcement of her theory. She has one detective on her side and the rest of the Kiwis against her. She moves south towards Christchurch and then Queenstown, and the deaths and near-deaths continue. In fact, they match the itinerary she provided the conference organizers, and there's little to no forensic evidence at each crime scene. That leads her to focus on an expert, someone in the field of forensics has been planning these events.


You'll have to read FORENSIC MURDER to find out.

For this story, I am fortunate to have some experts to ask questions about law enforcement and the colloquialisms of Australia and New Zealand. I have cousins in Brisbane and Tasmania, and my back fence neighbors are from Sydney. Better still he is a Fingerprint expert in California who used to work for law enforcement in Australia.

I've learned to say Tas or Tassie instead of Tasmania. I debated what to call a cooler and decided not to confuse my U.S. Readers. The Aussies like the word 'Esky' (a brand name), and sometimes use the word chiller or cooler. I opted for cooler. Sorry, my Australian readers.

So enjoy FORENSIC MURDER which features a great mystery as well as a little bit of a travelogue for down-under.



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