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Now You Don’t See Me

I’m a fussy eater. Throughout my entire life, I have ‘picked things’ out of the food served to me. I can’t tell you how much I hate onions. I don’t like their taste or texture. My first job was at the fast-food restaurant Jack-in-the-Box. When my teenage acne wasn’t made worse by deep-frying tacos and fries, I was assigned to manually cut onions. I alternated between crying and staring wide-eyed in the walk-in freezer trying to calm my eyes. That experience sealed the fate of onions in my life. Being able to pick things out of the food served me, is a life of privilege. You can only dislike foods when you have plenty to eat. I’m grateful that I’ve never wondered where my next meal was coming from.

I’m a fussy reader too. I like what I like. If a book is labeled ‘psychological suspense,’ then I move on to the next book. I like some historical periods better than others. I’ll skip the early to mid-20th century, but I like the early to the mid-19th century. I don’t like stories that aren’t believable. Most mystery stories require you to suspend your disbelief to some degree, but I will dislike a story if it becomes too far-fetched. I also read the Lit-RPG and Fantasy genres. While the genre may not be believable, the characters are acting in a believable way and we understand their motives.

My new paranormal thriller series featuring Michelle Watson runs just like my other two protagonists – Jill Quint and Damian Green. Michelle has one skill that she excels with like Damian’s computing power or Jill’s ability to make sense of what evidence she sees in a dead body. In Michelle’s case, her one skill is teleporting. She’s a superhero that functions as an everyday human, but she has the ability to move around planet earth at will, as an operative for the CIA. Here’s the book description:

How far would you go to end the world's dependence on oil?

Michelle Watson is a CIA Case Officer. Critically injured in the line of duty as a policewoman she discovered a special skill after she was resuscitated. She could suddenly teleport herself anywhere on earth as long as she could visualize where she wanted to go. Her two adult children thought she suffered a brain injury when she tried to tell them about the teleporting skill.

She was raised in a small California city and growing up she was the only child in her small paranormal town that lacked a magical skill. She left the town to focus on life as a police officer. It just took her near-death experience for the skill to appear. The skill definitely has its limits and she looked for a place to do good with her skill. She decided on the CIA, where she could serve a worldwide role. The spy agency had a reputation of keeping secrets, and she figured she wouldn't be safe if the secret of her skill ever reached the general public.

For five years, she'd worked without a partner rescuing Americans in tight situations. She's given a new assignment when the CIA hears whispers of conversation that an industrialist has decided to take climate change into his own hands by depriving the world of oil.

Michelle and fellow operative Jason Smith are called to investigate if the rumor is true.

This is the first book in a new series featuring Michelle Watson, CIA case officer.

I’ve been slow writing on this series as it takes a while for me to visualize the characters acting out the story. Michelle is roaming the world looking for uranium enrichment centrifuges while Jason is worming his way into the industrialist’s inner circle. As they get to know and trust each other we learn about them.

I hope you will enjoy this new series. It is available for pre-order on Amazon by clicking on this link. As always, I’m discounting the price for my friends that have signed up for my newsletter. The price thru June 30 is $0.99. On July 1 it will go to $4.99. NOW YOU DON’T SEE ME will be released July 15, 2021.

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